Company Profile
Company Profile

Polison Corporation is an original manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment in Taiwan, established since 1978 so we have much more experience in this industry field with high reputation brand name of BLUE EAGLE®.

Our aim is to provide the best quality and service to our customers. Many of our products have owned CE Certificate,ANSI Test Report, and CSA Test Report.In order to pass more standards, we have always been trying to progress the quality of our products.

In addition, all our products are made from our own factories in Taiwan and till now we still doing a lot of effort to improve our products quality; therefore, we have the confidence to offer you the best service and quality of our products.

Polison supplies Personal Protective Equipments & Industrial Safety Equipments such as: Faceshield Visors , Visor Holders & Visor Brackets, Welding Helmets, Respirators & Cartridges, Safety Belts, Safety Caps, Safety Goggles, Ear muffs, Ear Plugs and some other related items.

Now, our products have been sold to the customers of the world and have high reputation in safety industry field. Moreover, we always have good and long term business relationship with all our customers and they are always satisfied with us.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to check around all our products and we believe you will find the good products suitable for you. For obtaining the best services and best quality products, Polison Corporation is your top-one selection.

All BLUE EAGLE® products are made in Taiwan.

Professional Manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment

Professional Manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment
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